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Whole Body Analysis

Body Composition

This exam is a comprehensive analysis of the three major components of the body; fat mass, lean (muscle & organ) mass and bone mineral mass (how dense your bones are).  It will give you personalized, accurate results specific to YOUR body.  You will learn how your body’s’ weight is distributed into the three categories in pounds (lbs). Why is this information important? Results can be used to aid in clinical management and prevention of metabolic diseases and various chronic diseases.  


It will also give you the most accurate BMI (Body Mass Index).  Your BMI is a ratio of weight to height, but does not account for your body composition.


It is not about being a THIN as possible, but as HEALTHY as possible.  Remember, muscle is metabolically active tissue and weighs more than fat and it burns calories even at rest. Fat is not metabolically active and acts as storage.  However, fat is also very important.  The goal is NOT to have 0% fat.  In order for your body to function properly, you must have a healthy fat percentage range. Your results should help you design an exercise plan which should include a balance of aerobic and anaerobic components.  Aerobic helps decrease fat; anaerobic increases lean mass (muscle). 


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