Preparation Instructions

For Patients

  • Do not wear any powders, perfumes, lotion or deodorant in or around the breast area on the day of your test.
  • Bring your previous mammography films for comparison.

Digital & 3D Mammography

With C.A.D. Software

Our digital mammography combined with CAD (Computer Aided Detection) software is an effective process for detecting breast cancer.  We offer 3D mammograms at our new National Harbor location.  


Screening Digital Mammography is for women who have no signs or symptoms that suggest breast cancer. It is the routine annual examination, in which two views of each breast are acquired.

Diagnostic Digital Mammography is used for patients with breast symptoms, a personal history of breast cancer, or another indication of cancer, or who have breast implants. Additional exams, such as a breast ultrasound, may be performed to aid in diagnosis.





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